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The ACT Regional Studies Network was started in 1994 by a group of active researchers working on projects relating to the history of the ACT. The network links practitioners and groups of a broad range of local study including social studies, history studies, biology, environment, geography, urban studies, art and architecture, and at all levels of practice

Aims and objectives

To foster in the ACT Community an appreciation of the history, heritage, environment, culture and traditions of the ACT and region.
To develop a sense of ownership,pride, identity and belonging in the ACT Community by encouraging the dissemination of information on results of research back to the community in all its forms.
To share with discretion information and use the expertise of members to support researchers by sharing knowledge of sources, research methods and tips on how to obtain information.
To provide support, encouragement and practical advice on:
oral history, interviewing, particularly of the older members of the community
- copyright and other legal issues relating to researching, publishing and recording oral histories
-publishing and exhibiting in general
To be a forum for groups to work together on cooperative ventures
To provide information on
- funding sources
-writing grant applications
-supporting grant applications
-facilitating publications and exhibitions
To support regional collecting and cultural institutions in identifying needs and developing and building collections
To set up an informal library of knowledge by establishing a contact list of people with relevant experience and expertise.

People interested in the ACT Region and its history are encouraged to join the ACT Regional Studies Network.